November 7, 2017

What Happened to Apple’s $1B Data Center in Ireland?

Tech DC November 7, 2017

Nearly three years after it first announced plans to build a data center in rural Ireland, tech giant Apple still won’t fully commit to the project, according to a Reuters report.

“Planning objects” are cited as the source of the delay, but Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar pledged the country would do whatever necessary to get the facility built. The report comes after Varadkar met with Apple CEO Tim Cook:

In a meeting on Thursday, Cook did not commit to going ahead with it, Varadkar told state broadcaster RTE.

“We didn’t get a start date, or a definite commitment or anything like that,” said Varadkar, who is on a tour of the United States to meet investors, adding he had told Cook that the government would do “anything within our power” to facilitate the resumption of the project.

Also in the news and potentially complicating matters are the so-called “Paradise Papers,” which detail Apple’s efforts to avoid paying taxes by setting up shop in low-tax Ireland.

The New York Times reported this week that Apple moved its holdings to the island of Jersey after its sweetheart deal in Ireland came under fire.

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