October 4, 2017

This AI Startup Might Have Just Leveled the Playing Field in Silicon Valley

LiftIgniter, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup based in San Francisco, might have just delivered a big blow to tech giants’ dominance in the market.

Axios’ reported that LiftIgniter is claiming it has developed a “predictive algorithm that allows smaller players…to forecast in real time what a user wants to click on next, and then provide it.”

LiftIgniter CEO Indraneel Mukherjee told Axios that the program “takes account of a user’s search habits, along with those of a lot of other people who have clicked on the same thing, and quickly assesses what that person wants to see or read next.”

This is called the “flywheel effect,” and is what keeps people returning to websites like Google and Amazon.

“I know I can go to YouTube and find content relevant to me,” LiftIgniter co-founder Adam Spector told Axios. “I keep going back there and uploading my own content. It’s positive reinforcement.” Smaller players can achieve the same connection with users, he said, and thus capture the flywheel effect for themselves.

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