November 14, 2017

Nicolle Wallace: Running Apple Qualifies That Person To Be President of the United States

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace claimed that running a company like Apple would make an individual qualified to be president of the United States during a segment on “Deadline: White House,” on Tuesday.

The panel on “Deadline: White House,” discussed how President Trump’s prior business experience didn’t qualify him to be president.

“He didn’t run the kind of company that would set you up to, you know, run the country. I mean there are some – Apple, and there are other companies with management structures and H.R. departments and shareholders,” Wallace stated.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has been acting like someone who might be considering a run for president in 2020. Earlier this year he traveled to the pivotal swing states of Iowa and Ohio.

The Washington Free Beacon even report that there is now a draft Tim Cook for president website up and running.

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