November 13, 2017

College Students Troll iPhone X Glitch

Tech DC November 13, 2017

Ohio State students mocked the iPhone X’s most famous glitch to date: the ‘I to A?’ autocorrect issue that popped up last week and provided a vexing distraction from the release of its flagship product.

While the glitch is an annoyance for users, it touches on a larger problem for Apple. At a price tag of $1,000, users are expecting a better product for their money:

The device is being aggressively trolled for its glitches since it costs more than $1,000 and therefore is expected by users to provide a flawless experience. Even though thousands of Apple fans queued up outside stores to purchase the device when it was launched, it seems that fans are getting sick of the continuous issues plaguing the device.

International Business Times listed a few other issues plaguing the new phone as well, including OLED burn-in, GPS issues, poor cold-weather functionality, and a mysterious green line that has appeared on some screens.

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