November 2, 2017

CNBC Analysts: Apple Needs Qualcomm for Smartphones

Tech DC November 2, 2017

During an interview with CNBC, Apple CEO Tim Cook tried to downplay the tech giant’s reliance on modem chips made by Qualcomm.

Apple is engaged in a legal dispute with Qualcomm and is reportedly trying to diversify its chip providers. The latest versions of the iPhone, for example, use chips from both Qualcomm and Intel.

Analysts on CNBC felt that perhaps downplayed Apple’s need for Quaclomm, in terms of quality and speed of its product, a bit too much.

JOHN FORTT: “I think Tim Cook is downplaying the Qualcomm issue too much. There is no mobile player in the world who can say that Qualcomm doesn’t matter, period. Now, is one side right, the other side wrong? Who knows. A court will decide that.”

KELLY EVANS: “But it is true, right, that these Qualcomm chips are the industry…”

ED LEE: “You need those chips to create smartphones, it’s that simple. You can’t make a smartphone without them.”

FORTT: “You need the intellectual property that Qualcomm provides. There are various ways that Apple doesn’t use the application processor that Qualcomm provides, but hey, a lot of others do, and that’s why Qualcomm’s earnings were good yesterday.”

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