November 2, 2017

Apple Hit With Another Lawsuit Over Contract Breach

Qualcomm filed another lawsuit against Apple, alleging that Apple “used its unprecedented access to [Qualcomm’s] code to help Qualcomm-rival Intel Corp.”

Apple uses chips that are manufactured by Qualcomm, and more recently Intel, in its iPhones to allow consumers to connect to their cellular networks.

Qualcomm and Apple have been locked in a bitter legal battle over Apple’s refusal to pay licensing fees that Qualcomm alleges Apple owes.

According to Bloomberg:

“The chipmaker filed the lawsuit against Apple on Wednesday in California state court in San Diego, adding yet another front to their bitter legal battle. Apple is being sued for breach of a contract that governs the use of software needed to make chips work with other parts of mobile phones and communicate with networks.”

Apple has also been accused of slowing down the Qualcomm chips in certain phones so that they operate at speeds similar other phones that use slower chips.

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